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We all gotta eat.

Believe it or not we all gotta eat.

You either get your food for free or you work for it.

If you work  you can either go the 9 to 5 route or at the other end of the spectrum you have totally devoted your life to God and he pays you for your labor by the goodwill of others. Or you are a mutt like me trying to please both and sometimes you have money and sometimes you don’t. Such is life.

If you are choosing internet marketing and other computer jobs as your livelihood you will also have feasts and famines.

If you want more feasts than famines you always want to try and keep up with the marketers around you and even surpass them by creating something new for everyone that actually will work. Like teaching someone to fish you want to teach and sell things that do not wear out – called evergreen – and perpetually will bring in an income for you and the people you sell to.

These products can be anything you can think of such as books, software, websites, services, photos, headers, and everything else under the sun.

You can specialize in one area until you get to be the best at it or you can mix it up and be in several areas but you need to remember there are only so many hours in a day if you do get popular.

It also costs money to stay up with everyone else as you will most likely have to invest in new software, computers, and more to keep up with the changes. That goes along with any job.

Now that this is out of the way tomorrow I will go into more detail on the ways to make money.