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Mice Update


“How To Legally Hijack Competitors’ Prospects On Auto-Pilot To Build 5-Figure Business In 60 Days Or Less?

No Previous Experience Or Technical Knowledge Required!

June 05, 2015

From The Desk Of Dave Offen & Yaro Glogowski

Dear Friend, Valued Client, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story…

Are you sick of chasing after the latest shiny object? Spending a bucket load on products that don’t deliver what you really want – PROFITS!

For a change, Google may well have come to your rescue!

The Google MICE update was announced back in February. It was unusual for them to give a specific time-scale, or indeed details of their update, but MICE was different.

And it has created an unprecedented opportunity for you to cash in!

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How to survive Google’s Mobile Update

Are Your Sites In Danger? On April 21st, Google Is Rolling Out One Of Their BIGGEST Ranking Updates Ever
90% Of Websites Are In Danger…. and It’s About To Get Worse. Save YOUR Google Website Rankings Before It Is Too Late!


Dear Profit Seeking Marketer,

BarbLing here and time is of the essence. No shiny graphics or flashy copy, I’m going to just get right to the point.

Like Any Huge Change… There Will Be Winners… And Losers…. Here’s How To Quickly Ensure *You* Are On The Winning Side

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Mobile Wizard Jack

April 21, 2015: Google Mobile Mice UPDATE:

  • “You Saw The Nightmares That Google Panda Had On Business Owners And Their Bank Balances… Now Be Prepared To See Them All Bolt For Cover As Google Slaps Them With Google “Mice” On April the 21st”
  • Starting April 21, Google will give preference to mobile-friendly websites in search results.
  • That’s because Google wants to give users relevant, high quality search results tailored to their search devices.
  • And that means lost sales opportunities for businesses whose websites don’t pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test
  • This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.
  • Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices

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