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There are dozens of ways to rank cities. Here’s what they all get wrong

This may be of some interest.

More than 30 livability indexes rank cities on a range of factors, such as weather, green space, and walkability. But these rankings can have unintended consequences.

Every year, the world’s most “liveable” cities are celebrated, in city rankings published by Mercer, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Monocle Magazine. Global institutions including UN Habitat and the OECD are also joining consultancies, media organisations and think tanks, in the quest to compare living standards and well-being in cities. At the last count, there were more than 30 urban livability indexes produced worldwide, and more than 500 measures and benchmarks comparing cities.

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Is there any such thing as ‘evergreen’?

For those of you who read this yesterday I am sure you questioned my notion of evergreen things. Because at first look there is nothing that lasts forever.

And that is the entire notion of evergreen.

Any product you make has a shelf life. After that it has to be updated and repaired. That is evergreen. The return business.

Get it?

That is why you do not want to burn your bridges unless you just have to. But there is a limit to how far you can go, I do understand.

Well that it is it for today. Short and sweet.

I brought this up so you could have a better understanding.