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CPA Basic Training Software PLR Plus ReBrander


You’ve heard it time and time again… the money is in the list. That is so true, but you have to offer something of value to your list in which to make them buy.

What is it???

It is true that Software has an Higher Perceived Value than ebooks or videos. Just think about… WordPress Themes, Plugins, Apps, when a customer sees an Email with one of those three products in it, they will immediately want to see your offer.

Stop with the Junk PLR ebooks and videos, instead offer your list a Quality Software Product that will earn you income everytime.


CPA Basic Training Resource Guide
Re-Brandable List Building Software!

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Email Maestro

“Do You Have a Relationship with Your List that leaves your subscribers salivating for more…?”
Once I figured Out the Magic Formula – My Income Skyrocketed!
Dear Frustrated Email Marketer,

If you’re looking to massively boost your email open-rates –I’m really excited to share something with you – you’ll be happy too I guarantee it! But let me ask you a few questions…? Can you say ‘yes’ to any of the following?

  • You’re tired of low to practically non-existent open-rates?
  • You’re burnt out from trying to create engaging and creative content that will boost your conversions?
  • You’re confused because you believe you know what you’re doing…but why doesn’t your subscriber list believe in you?
  • You’re sick and tired of the frustration from the countless hours you invest setting up your email marketing campaigns and not getting the results you had hoped for and deserve?
I feel your pain, my friend.

I get why people give up! You can only do something for so long before the endless struggle of not seeing results gets you to just say “screw it!” This isn’t worth it!

I totally get why people allow the dream that one day you too could be a successful online marketer… fizzle to an anticlimactic end…

“You see, I was once there too.”

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“Quit the rat race” song

Hey there,

I’ve got something absolutely un-freakin-believeable to show you today.


This dude, he’s a super affiliate who has made $12,000,000
on the internet.. he’s also a musician.

And he just CALLED OUT ALL THE GURUS and said..

“Guess what. the Gurus charge people ridiculously HUGE
amounts of money for what in his opinion “Stinks”, and just VOWED
to show the entire Internet how to bank $385 every 15 minutes.”


Yeah! See it here: ———

Crazy! He came out of his bunker all ticked off at them and
releasing EVERYTHING for in his words “Humanity and our society.”

And then this super genius madman is going to do a gotowebinar 1 on 1
with anybody, me YOU, anyone who wants to learn how to make $12,000,000
like he did.

So look, I can’t guarantee that this will be available for long, the site is going viral as you will see why.. (Yep, he wouldn’t just do it normally because he is; Jamie Lewis)

See what I’m talking about here:

Yes that is THE BIGGEST LAUNCH in Internet Marketing right there. Glad to have been the one to bring that to your attention, don’t forget about me later on in life when you’re rich!