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This 22-foot long ‘problem map’ looks at the systemic failures that made COVID spread in the U.S.

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Can we use the pandemic to come up with broad solutions that fix more than just the virus?

The U.S. now has more than two million confirmed coronavirus cases, more than any other country in the world. A new, staggeringly detailed “problem map” charts out the system failures that helped the virus spread—and helps uncover opportunities for groups of solutions that tackle multiple, interconnected problems that the virus has exposed at the same time.

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'Borderlands 3' looks promising, but the needless CEO drama has got to go

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The Borderlands 3 reveal on May 1 was almost great, if not for all the drama.

It was looking good at first for developer Gearbox Software. Despite the questionable choice to have embattled studio founder and CEO Randy Pitchford serve as the hype man on stage, the game does a fine job of making a case for its own existence.

Not that it’s a giant leap forward. This series has been largely dormant for five years. But with all the industry shifts lately toward more fully online “games-as-a-service” (think Destiny), Gearbox’s pitch of “more Borderlands, with cool improvements” is a tantalizing proposition. Read more…

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