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Local Video Marketing PRO PLR Kit


“Convert More Local Businesses Into Video Marketing Clients With This BRAND NEW, PROFESSIONAL Lead Gen Package…”

Grab Your Copy, Edit However You Want, and Let It Do The Hard Work FOR You!


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Dear Offline Marketers,

As you already know, getting new Video Marketing clients can be tough; and one of the main reasons is because business owners simply have NO IDEA about the power and versatility of online videos.

Some of them may go out on a limb and have ONE video created – and stop there.

But in order to truly attract and convert more local leads online, they need to consistently produce and publish video content on an on-going basis….

… and this is where you come in.

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Local Email Takeover

Hi Offliner,

Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain here and in just a moment we are about to open the doors on a secret, extremely powerful email system that has allowed us to generate over $65,927.67 in sales alone in the past 30 days…

Let me ask you really quickly…

Do You Find It Hard to Get Local Clients?

Are You Having Trouble Getting Business Owners To Actually Listen To You, And Be Interested In Buying Your Services?

If so, you have just stumbled across the most valuable offline lead system you have ever come across.

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Instant Local Consultant Web Pack

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Dear Offline Marketers,

Building a positive, professional image for your Local Consulting business is one the most important tasks for being successful…

… yet, it’s one of the HARDEST things to do.

But the fact is that business owners will check you out before they contact you for your services, respond to your phone calls, or agree to meet with you.

Quite naturally, the first thing they will check is your Local Consulting website.

Unfortunately, this is where most consultants fall short.

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Local Crusher

Are you struggling to make sales online and offline?

“It’s my main source of Clients Now”

I’ve been using this system for a few weeks now and it is my one of my main source of Clients. My team and I can easily close 4 to 10 sales per day, it is crazy effective!

                                                                                                                                         Tes Brown
Imagine how easy it would be if you could have a system closing sales for you on complete autopilot with no upfront costs?

Imagine you have total control of your time with the peace of mind that your system is putting money in your pockets 24x7x365 and not just a few bucks, butliterally thousands of dollars each day?
I know, it probably sounds too good to be true but if you give me a few minutes of your time:
I’m going to Show You How To Get Your First Client in Minutes from now, Even if You’ve never made a Sale!
But first… Let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

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