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Image Marketing for Authors [FULL FUNNEL]

Dear Author,

My name is Krizia (but everyone calls me Miss K)! I’ve had some great success with non fiction books on Amazon Kindle and I’ve also helped many of my clients reach the same levels of success with their own books.

My digital trainings are very popular and sell like hot cakes – you can read the reviews from my happy clients.

When top companies need a consultant to help them quickly implement new strategies they come to me and that’s how I landed a 2-page article in Forbes Magazine!

I’m sure you must have noticed I’ve been flying under the radar for the past few months. I haven’t put out a product since my last bestselling training and WSOOTD, “Crowdfunding for Authors.”

I was pleased to see how many people jumped in and bought this course I created with a co-producer! After that launch, I made a decision. I wanted to spend more time focused on building myself as a fiction author.

So for the past few months, I’ve been diligently working at building myself as an up and coming fiction author to follow.

Facebook Is Responsible for The Success of


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Stupidly Simple Digital Arbitrage

Note: This offer is not for everyone!

Discover The EASIEST Way To Bank BIG Money With ZERO Upfront Costs!

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CPA Commission Crusher


Dear Frustrated Money Seeker,

Are you sick of making zero?..

Do you hate the fact that everyone’s making money online but you?..

Are you on the verge of quitting?..

But wait, hold up…

What if I told you they’ve been lying to you all this time…

Forcing you to buy incomplete systems…

Systems that only give away 80% and hold back the secret 20% that allow YOU to achieve financial freedom…

That’s right, it’s not your fault…

I was in your very shoes few short years ago…

Heck I was YOU…

I use to struggle and was extremely frustrated

I tried so many different systems and bought every product you could imagine…

I argued with family and the missus, try to convince them this online stuff can really pay the bills

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