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So you want to be an internet marketer.

This morning I though maybe you would want to hear from a regular guy that has been doing this for a long time and has survived through many changes in the world and the internet market itself. I have seen business after business go away over the years and many guru;s give this up for greener pastures because they did not make the millions they thought they were entitled to.

For me this was more of a hobby for years and just because I wanted to learn and have some fun and improve all my skills as a webmaster and programmer and all of the other related computer skills that I have.

Like everyone else I also wanted to earn a wage.

Over the years I have almost done it all and have actually had some success. I never set my sights very high on the money goal as a few sales a week gave me some spare money and I was already working at a high paying job for part of the year so things went along pretty well.

I was actually was very fortunate that I could live like this for so long until my bad health finally caught back up with me. So now I am a full time marketer and trying to learn the new ways that people are doing to survive in this new age where nothing is steady anymore.

Everyone has their own theory for success but when you boil it down to the nitty gritty it still is the same old stuff at the very bottom and then you build on it to get the people interested in what you are doing.

What I am talking about is basic salesmanship, honesty, integrity, filling a need, and being nice. You never want to lie, cheat, or steal ever because when someone finds out that you have they will mentally start leaving right then.

I hope this is just the first article of many. There is a lot of ground to cover to actually be any good at this at all and it takes me time to think of what to say and then to get it written down.