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[WSOTD] CPA List Loophole

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Look, we know, we have been there.

We’ve been through the same- and we’ve nearly pulled our hair out trying to make any sense of all these so-called “flawless” systems that the “gurus” keep pushing down our throats.

You see, we tried all these other products. Literally all of them. The ones that talked about CPA, traffic, list building, sales funnels, you name it.

And while we did find some decent information on the subjects in general, there was no damn actionable steps in there to connect the dots with a system that you could actually earn cash with!

The gurus were cashing in big time selling us crap, and we KNEW it had to be stopped.

So we teamed up with a goal of putting an end to the confusion and BS. We started giving this list building thing a crack, as well as figuring out what in the world all this “CPA” stuff was about.

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