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I just added a new free course.

There is a new free course under the free course tag.

This one is called Accelerated Online Businesses and it is huge.

This is set up to release a new audio or video every day and there are at least 25 audios so this will release a new one for at least 25 days so keep coming back and complete the entire series.

You will need to sign up for membership.

Signing Up To Be An Affiliate

There are literally hundreds of thousands of places who need something sold for them.

There are literally hundreds of places who represent these places and find affiliates for them.

If you are at this point and are looking to sell items for others then you are really about to really learn some things.

Remember the dot com crashes over the years? Lots of these have to do with these companies getting the big head because they have been successful in the past and they think they are guaranteed a profitable eternity from then on so what do they do?

They cut out the people who helped make them – the affiliates.

We are going through a big head phase again with some of these companies so if you are trying to land the big fish you should slow your roll.

It is good to apply in most cases but some places like Envato seem to be a one shot deal. And I am also hearing that Amazon may be very difficult to work with as well.

The thing is that there are many companies who are their competitors that you CAN work with and will be glad to have you and plus the more you help a small guy the more lower you can bring the big boys until they realize they made a mistake by not using you in the first place.

There are also companies that have their own affiliate program and you do not need to meet anyone else criteria except for that company.

I guess that has been more of a rant than anything but this can be annoying.

If you are a new website starting out you may run into a lot of resistance if your website is new and you do not have much traffic so go for the low hanging fruit to get started and learn.

More on this later.

Balancing Your Time

If you are trying to have a life and be an internet marketer both you may start running into the same problems I am having now. Just not enough time to go around.

And winter is coming.

Being a full time online person anymore and still having the other tasks of maintaining things and adding new just around the house is a full time deal for me. Plus I also like to see if I am lucky enough to win anything by playing contests and then there is my evening stuff of the new tv shows and then fixing food, etc, etc.

So where do you get the time?

The answer is you just have to make some and tell everything else to get lost for a while.

Something else that really helps is that we are in an age of automation so when you finally do get something online it can be made to take care of itself up to a point.

If you can spend a little more a lot of the time you can get an upgrade with the new services where everything can be automated or whomever you buy from will even do it all for you. But it will cost you more.

Myself, I am kind of in the middle. I buy the things I really need and try to make my account the unlimited kind so I can do as little or as much as I need. But I do not turn the total control over to someone else because of the expense. Same as I cannot turn over all the other projects that keep me off the internet.

Another thing you need to keep in mind while buying digital products these days is that you will have to spend at least twice what the starting price of a digital item was to get a complete working program most times. The first version will be limited and if you are seriously in business you may not even get commercial rights so you can help others solve their problems.

So I advise having around $100 to spend when you buy these new products so you can get what you need as many sellers will not give you a chance to upgrade.

What I am doing now is buying stuff up and laying it back for winter when I can get to use it all then because most of these deals will be gone and you may never be able to get them again but as long as you buy a membership you can go back for a few years at least and be able to use these products usually.

I also have many new books in the works and will do them in the winter. Kindle just keeps getting better and better and I just saw where you can now add photos.

Right now I am catching my breath and taking a few days to heal up. I have 5 home projects going at once and a few more big ones waiting. And we need wood and coal for winter. It sucks when your health is not all tht great to begin with.


Is there any such thing as ‘evergreen’?

For those of you who read this yesterday I am sure you questioned my notion of evergreen things. Because at first look there is nothing that lasts forever.

And that is the entire notion of evergreen.

Any product you make has a shelf life. After that it has to be updated and repaired. That is evergreen. The return business.

Get it?

That is why you do not want to burn your bridges unless you just have to. But there is a limit to how far you can go, I do understand.

Well that it is it for today. Short and sweet.

I brought this up so you could have a better understanding.


We all gotta eat.

Believe it or not we all gotta eat.

You either get your food for free or you work for it.

If you work  you can either go the 9 to 5 route or at the other end of the spectrum you have totally devoted your life to God and he pays you for your labor by the goodwill of others. Or you are a mutt like me trying to please both and sometimes you have money and sometimes you don’t. Such is life.

If you are choosing internet marketing and other computer jobs as your livelihood you will also have feasts and famines.

If you want more feasts than famines you always want to try and keep up with the marketers around you and even surpass them by creating something new for everyone that actually will work. Like teaching someone to fish you want to teach and sell things that do not wear out – called evergreen – and perpetually will bring in an income for you and the people you sell to.

These products can be anything you can think of such as books, software, websites, services, photos, headers, and everything else under the sun.

You can specialize in one area until you get to be the best at it or you can mix it up and be in several areas but you need to remember there are only so many hours in a day if you do get popular.

It also costs money to stay up with everyone else as you will most likely have to invest in new software, computers, and more to keep up with the changes. That goes along with any job.

Now that this is out of the way tomorrow I will go into more detail on the ways to make money.

So you want to be an internet marketer.

This morning I though maybe you would want to hear from a regular guy that has been doing this for a long time and has survived through many changes in the world and the internet market itself. I have seen business after business go away over the years and many guru;s give this up for greener pastures because they did not make the millions they thought they were entitled to.

For me this was more of a hobby for years and just because I wanted to learn and have some fun and improve all my skills as a webmaster and programmer and all of the other related computer skills that I have.

Like everyone else I also wanted to earn a wage.

Over the years I have almost done it all and have actually had some success. I never set my sights very high on the money goal as a few sales a week gave me some spare money and I was already working at a high paying job for part of the year so things went along pretty well.

I was actually was very fortunate that I could live like this for so long until my bad health finally caught back up with me. So now I am a full time marketer and trying to learn the new ways that people are doing to survive in this new age where nothing is steady anymore.

Everyone has their own theory for success but when you boil it down to the nitty gritty it still is the same old stuff at the very bottom and then you build on it to get the people interested in what you are doing.

What I am talking about is basic salesmanship, honesty, integrity, filling a need, and being nice. You never want to lie, cheat, or steal ever because when someone finds out that you have they will mentally start leaving right then.

I hope this is just the first article of many. There is a lot of ground to cover to actually be any good at this at all and it takes me time to think of what to say and then to get it written down.

New additions coming.

I am getting ready to add some new features.

I have been able to pick up videos and audios from some of the marketing industry leaders and will be giving members of the website access to them for free for now. Some of these I will not be able to tell you who they actually are but others are going to let me use their names and they will have a special page just for them.

First on the list is Sean Mize. I am sure a lot of you have heard of him before but did you know he has faith based lectures also for members of his coaching groups? I listened to parts of one just yesterday and I think you will enjoy them if you decide to ever get any of his products.

I will set up his page and start adding the audios and other things that I have and get you familiar with him.

More coming.