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Website Hero

When Tami Patzer’s Students Apply and Implement Her Proven Methods… They Succeed!
Here’s the Proof:

  • Local Business Consultant Terry Hudson captured a $2500 Real Estate client just by following Tami’s proven methods. He paid $27 for access to Tami’s mentorship program … and made a 9,260 Percent Return on his Investment!
  • Hawaii-based Local Business Consultant Eleni Davis used Tami’s Power Pitch and got 3 HOT PROSPECTS in less than three days.
  • Northern Virginia Video Marketing Consultant Yvonne Herbst followed Tami’s advice and got her local Chamber of Commerce to co-sponsor a Video Marketing Day event. Boom! Up to $4,000 cash in Yvonne’s pocket from a one-day event. Yvonne is reaping bankable rewards thanks to Tami’s coaching.

The website marketing arena is a $ 400 Billion Business and is growing exponentially

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