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I just added a new free course.

There is a new free course under the free course tag.

This one is called Accelerated Online Businesses and it is huge.

This is set up to release a new audio or video every day and there are at least 25 audios so this will release a new one for at least 25 days so keep coming back and complete the entire series.

You will need to sign up for membership.

Signing Up To Be An Affiliate

There are literally hundreds of thousands of places who need something sold for them.

There are literally hundreds of places who represent these places and find affiliates for them.

If you are at this point and are looking to sell items for others then you are really about to really learn some things.

Remember the dot com crashes over the years? Lots of these have to do with these companies getting the big head because they have been successful in the past and they think they are guaranteed a profitable eternity from then on so what do they do?

They cut out the people who helped make them – the affiliates.

We are going through a big head phase again with some of these companies so if you are trying to land the big fish you should slow your roll.

It is good to apply in most cases but some places like Envato seem to be a one shot deal. And I am also hearing that Amazon may be very difficult to work with as well.

The thing is that there are many companies who are their competitors that you CAN work with and will be glad to have you and plus the more you help a small guy the more lower you can bring the big boys until they realize they made a mistake by not using you in the first place.

There are also companies that have their own affiliate program and you do not need to meet anyone else criteria except for that company.

I guess that has been more of a rant than anything but this can be annoying.

If you are a new website starting out you may run into a lot of resistance if your website is new and you do not have much traffic so go for the low hanging fruit to get started and learn.

More on this later.