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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Starting from Zero Review

Are you trying to find other ways to earn aside from your 9 to 5 job? The internet offers a lot of earning potential. With the internet age, you can do almost anything. Did you just start exploring online for money making opportunities? Because there are hundreds of ways to earn online and some only need little to no capital.

You must be like thousands of people nowadays who are venturing online, liking the option of flexible time and location while still earning a few extra cash. It seems like everybody wants to get away from the rat race and working instead of building their presence online as a means to earn.

Can you imagine how your life will be? You are working at home without worrying about rush hours and daily traffic. You are working at your own time and at your own pace. You are working but can still spend more time with your family. And while you are doing what you want to do, you are earning at the same time without spending countless hours in the office, feeling exhausted and overworked and sometimes even underpaid. People can’t really be blamed for finding other alternative ways to earn when it can help them reach the financial and time freedom they so wanted.

Some people don’t have any experience and knowledge about online business, they are basically starting from zero. But if you are committed and determined to learn even without experience, no time and little money, Fred Lam’s Starting From Zero can help you to start your online business venture.

Review Video:

What is Starting From Zero?

Starting From Zero is an audio book by Fred Lam that features the 5-Step System to Success doing an E-commerce business even if you don’t have any experience. This audio book will train you to create your own online store, source products and target the right audience and multiply your profits using the same process again and again.

Starting From Zero is giving everybody a chance to be equipped with complete information to create and succeed on their very own online business.

How does Starting From Zero Work?

Starting From Zero follows a 5-Step System:
Step 1 – Store Creation
With the technology today you can easily create an online presence, something that you cannot do decades ago. You will be given the resources to create an online store ready in just a few minutes.
Step 2 – Inventory Arbitrage
You want to sell but don’t have money to have your own products? Well you can sell products without risking any of your money and you don’t even need a place to store them or worry about how to ship them.
Step 3 – Targeted Visitors
Generating traffic to your business is paramount to your success. It can be confusing but with this audio book you will be taught how to do it easily with simple instructions.
Step 4 – Profit Multiplier
Once you gain customers, accelerate your advertising. Remember, the more money your customer spends means more earnings and more traffic.
Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat
With this system, you can create more businesses that you can improve, sell or leave it as legacy to your kids.

Follow these 5 simple steps to create your own success just like Fred Lam’s successful students.

About the Creator:

Fred Lam is a young and successful entrepreneur who has created millions under his belt and has made millionaires who have used his system. Before his online success, he started as a dishwasher and has since then discovered the potential of creating businesses online.


You don’t need to worry anymore if you lack the experience or the money to start your online venture. Start From Zero will definitely aid you to build your own business making you a successful online entrepreneur.

Whether you wanted a spare cash or an income generating business that will give you the time and financial freedom that you have been dreaming of, Starting From Zero is a great way to start your success.

Have the life that you want, take back your life and use your time according to your own terms, you can be successful using this 5-Step System to Success.

Still no MacBook touchscreens. But Apple might make an iPad keyboard with a trackpad.

This may be of some interest.

Still no MacBook touchscreens. But Apple might make an iPad keyboard with a trackpad.

If you have an iPad, it might basically be a MacBook by the end of 2020.

A new report from The Information indicates Apple plans on blurring the lines between its flagship tablets and laptops later this year. According to The Information’s anonymous source, Apple is planning on releasing an official peripheral for the iPad with a keyboard and a trackpad.

Apparently, you’ll be able to get it alongside a new iPad Pro model later this year.

Keyboard add-ons for tablets are nothing new, but normally, you still have to touch the screen to make things happen. You know, like it’s a tablet or something! If The Information is correct, Apple is going to let you basically bolt a MacBook keyboard onto your iPad, basically turning it into a laptop with a touchscreen. Read more…

More about Apple, Ipad, Ipad Pro, Macbook, and Keyboards

Thank you for reading.

Time shifting

This may be of some interest.

If the people you seek to engage with have a choice, they’re likely to make a choice that’s in their self-interest.

The question is: When?

Is it in a high school student’s self-interest to light up a cigarette on a Friday night? In the short run, the answer might be yes. Ask that person in forty years if it was a good idea to be tricked by advertising and peer pressure into a lifetime of expense and illness, and the answer is probably ‘no’.

When we try to change behavior to make culture better, what we’re actually doing is trying to get people to change their timeframe. The more sophisticated an audience believes it is, the easier it is to help them see that there’s more than the next ten seconds in front of them. Mobs, on the other hand, only care about what feels good in this very moment.

The insight is in understanding that perception of time–not just money, not just features, not just narrative–is actually the driving force of much of what is happening when we try to change minds.

Not, “is this a good idea?” but “when?”

Thank you for reading.

The Influence of ABM in B2B Marketing: Top B2BMX Sessions & Speaker Insights

This may be of some interest.

Influence ABM in B2B Marketing

Influence ABM in B2B Marketing
2020 marks the 8th year in a row that I’ve presented at the B2B Marketing Exchange. During that time there have been many changes: within the B2B marketing industry, the strategies and technologies driving performance and in the programming at B2B events like B2BMX.

ABM in particular has experienced a rise in the B2B marketing world and evidence of that momentum is evident in the session topics, martech vendors and attendees at this year’s B2BMX conference in Scottsdale, February 24-26.

According to research from Demand Gen Report, 50% of B2B companies have been implementing ABM programs for more than a year and that number will continue to rise. With growing popularity, increasing numbers of marketers are searching for ways to incorporate ABM into their B2B marketing mix.

Enthusiasm around ABM has reached B2BMX in the form of numerous sessions in the program dedicated to the practice. It’s easy to see why as B2BMX Content Director, Andrew Gaffney puts it:

“ABM has transformed B2B marketing at a foundational level and has helped usher in more contextual and relevant outreach across all mediums.” @agaffney

To get a handle on where ABM is going and what B2B marketers should be focusing on in 2020, I spoke with several B2BMX speakers that will be presenting on ABM and asked for their insights.

“While traditional demand generation activities continue to be the lifeblood of marketing-sourced pipeline for B2B revenue marketers, ABM is now becoming the conduit for the historically strained relationship between marketing and sales. ABM requires marketers and sales teams to work together on things like account selection, personified value propositions and success measures – ultimately uniting teams prior to GTM, reducing revenue attribution friction and creating camaraderie. When building your ABM strategy, engage your extended teams early, gain their buy-in, ideas, and suggestions and build on the qualitative gains.”
Stacy Gardner
Stacy Gardner /in/stacyrambingardner

Director of Marketing Programs, Banking Solutions at Bottomline Technologies

“One of the most significant challenges B2B marketers are facing is how to achieve any degree of scale to their ABM efforts. As sales increasingly sees the value of an account-based approach, the pressure falls on marketers to deliver on the promise of ABM but to an expanded list of accounts. In 2020, successful ABM leaders will be those that make compelling arguments internally to secure or re-allocate more resources to support the accounts that matter most.”
Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson /in/bob-peterson
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Account-Based Marketing for the SiriusDecisions at Forrester Research

“No forms, no cold calls and no spam in 2020 – As a marketer, your cold emails are probably not getting you any business but are definitely getting you unsubscribes. To break out from the noise, marketers will personalize for the account, persona and buying team, behavior and TIMING. Next year, marketers will break up with the form fill, the spam email and the cold call. Rather than bombard buyers with irrelevant emails, marketing teams will take a leap to understand what they care about. Marketing will generate bigger deals and win more often by uncovering, prioritizing and engaging in-market buyers.”
Latane Conant
Latané Conant @LataneConant
Chief Marketing Officer at 6sense

“Since 2020 marks a new decade, let’s start fresh. Many b2b marketers are hamstrung by old-style expectations of what they can do. Starting now, marketing leaders in account-centric models (i.e. everyone in b2b) must re-negotiate terms of how they’re measured. Reality in a world where more revenue comes from keeping and growing accounts you have means success based on marketing-sourced leads is largely irrelevant. Look instead at the holistic view of how marketing engages and encourages customers. Measure marketing based on engagement, revenue and retention but in context of overall customer experience, not just top of the old funnel.”
Megan Heuer
Megan Heuer @megheuer
Vice President of Marketing at Engagio

With any newish marketing discipline on the rise, it’s tempting to think of ABM as a flashy new B2B marketing strategy, but experienced marketers like Sangram Vajre, CEO at Terminus sum it up succinctly, “ABM is B2B”.

With such a broad view of ABM, it’s inevitable to see the connections between ABM and other B2B marketing disciplines that effective at creating real marketing and business impact.

One of those intersections is between ABM and influencer marketing as Nick Nelson has covered here recently:

“The intersection of ABM and influencer marketing represents one of the most promising frontiers for B2B marketing, especially when it comes to the pursuit of enterprise customers. Not only do influencer partnerships help you break through and gain visibility with busy decision makers at these coveted accounts, but also drive engagement and persuasively move the needle.”

In my own journey to understand the opportunities with ABM, I’ve learned that within ABM, the focus on influencers has to do with individuals that influence within buying committees. But what about the source of influence for those buying committee influencers? The role of influence is certainly not limited to those within the target account.

The question I’ll be posing in my B2BMX presentation, is why limit our focus on influencers to those within the target account?

Who is influencing the influencers and how can we activate them to improve our B2B marketing?

Understanding the sources of influence for individuals within a target account can provide essential insights into the signals, targeting and content activations that can make ABM work even better.

B2BMX Optimize ABM with Influence
In my presentation, How to Optimize ABM Results with Influencer Marketing, I’ll be digging in to how B2B marketers can identify those influencers, how to map topics of influence to content activations with influencers and examples of how ongoing influencer engagement can create brand awareness, advocacy and influence within accounts.

If you’re attending B2BMX this week, you may see my TopRank Marketing associates Susan Misukanis and Joshua Nite attending sessions and interviewing key B2B marketing influencers.

Here are a few sessions on ABM and in other areas that our team is looking forward to:

Monday Case Studies – 2:20PM
Dell Technologies And Innovative Conversion Strategies That Create Pipeline
Anamaria Alba, Dell Technologies
Ed Grossman, Activate

Monday Case Studies – 3:10PM
From ABM Zero To Revenue Hero In Less Than A Year: How One Marketer Won Over Sales & Delivered Success — Fast
Katie Findling, Smarsh
Brian Panicko, Smarsh
Megan Heuer, Engagio

Monday 4:05PM Keynote
Getting The Green Light: How To Build Messages People Say YES To
Tamsen Webster, Find The Red Thread

Monday 5:30PM
Killer Content Awards Ceremony
TopRank Marketing is proud to share two of our clients are KCA finalists!
Dell Outlet Small Business and Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Tuesday 10:45AM
ABM And Demand Generation: Taking A Blended Approach
Robert Peterson, SiriusDecisions

Tuesday LUNCH & LEARN: 12:20PM
Experiences Everywhere: How To Create Marketing Your Audience Demands
Mark Bornstein, ON24

Tuesday 4:30PM
Move Over Mediocre! The B2B Marketer’s Journey To Experiential Content
Ryan Brown, Ceros
Darius Eslami, Carbon Black
Paige Gildner, Bluecore
Sharon Shapiro, Bluecore

Wednesday 10:40AM
How To Optimize ABM Results With Influencer Marketing
Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing

Wednesday 11:20AM
PANEL: Orchestrating ABM With Channel Partners
Latane Conant, 6Sense
Rauli Garcia, Sage Intacct
Kerry Desberg, Impartner
Jessica Garrett, KORE Wireless (former)

Wednesday 2:15PM
ABM, DemandGen, Hybrid: Best-Practice Tips & Tricks To Improve Conversion
Jon Russo, B2B Fusion
Tim White,
Corey Livingston, OneNeck IT Solutions
Neenu Sharma, GE Digital
Stacy Gardner, Bottomline Technologies

Wednesday 3:30PM
The B2B Marketing Team of Tomorrow: The Top Skills & Talents Shaping Success For The New Decade
Wes Lieser, Versique
Rose Spicer, Oracle
Michelle Liro, PTC
Nirosha Methananda, Bombora

Be sure to follow our liveblogging of B2BMX here on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog as well as our social shares on Twitter from @nitewrites, @smisukanis, @leeodden and @toprank.

To learn more about the intersection of ABM and Influencer Marketing, you can get more details on my session here:

How to Optimize ABM Results with Influencer Marketing
Wednesday, February 26th at 10:40AM
Demand Gen Summit Track – Arizona 5
Focusing on accounts with the biggest revenue potential requires every competitive advantage. But ABM alone is not enough to break through to distracted and distrustful decision makers. To connect with accounts more effectively, B2B marketers are increasingly adopting influencer marketing to build trust, reach and engagement.

This presentation with Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing will share how B2B marketers can identify the influencers that resonate most with target account contacts as well as create greater influence amongst client facing contacts. In this session you will learn:

* How an ABM and influencer marketing integration model inspires strategy
* How to determine what topics and content resonate with your target accounts
* How to identify who is influential to the people within your targeted accounts
* How to grow influence for sales and the brand

We hope to see you there!

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Manifestation Magic Review

You can live your life in abundance, love and joy with just a push! Know exactly how in this Manifestation Magic Review.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a complete system of life-changing audio tracks that teaches you to create and attract whatever you desire in life, may it be your soul mate, your dream house or a new ride. With just pushing play, this program will help you manifest real and spendable money into your life in your first 24 hours.

Do you feel like things are not going your way? Feeling downhearted with the repeated and successive unfortunate happenings in your life? And because of this you are filled with negative thoughts, doubts and unhealthy ideas making you sink into the abyss of desperation, worry and loathing. Do not feel stuck and turn your life around with Manifestation Magic, because everything happens for a reason. All your experiences both your triumphs and failures brought you to where you are today, to who you are now, and you eliminate all the negativity and replace it with pure positivity that radiates within you.

The Manifestation Magic will help you hold a “high frequency”, where you can easily invite what you desire. To change your life, you must change your vibration by reprogramming the negative beliefs and traumas that hold you back.

You should be in a Theta State to reach the deepest transformation zones from being in a Beta State where people are commonly are. This can be achieved through deep states of sleep or meditation and Manifestation Magic will help you get there.

Who is the Creator of Manifestation Magic?

Alexander Wilson created the Manifestation Magic. Alexander, just like you, has struggled a lot before but overcame it through his knowledge about the law of attraction which he is sharing with you now to help you.

He is a spiritual teacher for over 7 years who has a knowledge about visualization, the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious mind. The audio tracks he made and compiled will work on your subconscious mind to magically manifest what you desire in life.

How to use Manifestation Magic?

You can manifest abundance just by pushing PLAY. This push button manifestation system is made up of two magic modules.

Module 1 – Open the Quick-Start Manifestation Guide when you enter the member’s area. This approximately takes just 15 minutes of your time so that you can have access to Module 2.

Module 2 – This is where the complete “Energy Orbiting” Autopilot Audio System, it contains a series of transformational audio tracks with the main track called “Twilight Transformation” which you can best listen to before you go to sleep. Overnight, the brainwave technology embedded inside the audio relaxes your mind into a ‘Theta State”.

After pushing play and listening to the soundtrack, powerful suggestions clear away “Abundance Blocks” replacing it with the belief of abundance. All you have to do is listen and the track does the work of raising your vibration, removing all the negativities.


1. Very easy to use with clear set of guidelines.

2. It is convenient to use because it is in audio form with just a push play system.

3. The brainwave technology that relaxes your mind.

4. Help you have a more positive perspective about life and avoid negativity.

5. Practices your mind to be more positive to attract abundance and all other good things in life.

6. It has positive testimonials which means it really works.

7. It changes your thought pattern making you live your life each day lighter and happier.

8. Creates positive habits which leads to positive results.

9. The program comes with exclusive bonuses like The Chakra Power System, The Manifestation Magic 360 Transforming System and a FREE lifetime access to the creator’s Manifestation Magic Push Play App.

10. It is 100% risk free because you are secured with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.


1. It can only be purchased online.

2. Audio tracks may not be for everyone.


This is definitely highly recommended! Because it has the power to completely change your life around creating positive thought patterns that can transform your life in no time. Just listening to the audios will help you manifest the life you want and bring you abundance that you deserve.

It can also improve your overall well being because it helps you eliminate bad vibrations in your life caused by too much negativity and doubts which can only cause health risks and undesirable emotions. Whatever it is that you want, Manifestation Magic helps you reprogram your mind to have what you desire within your reach.

Believe in Magic and change your life!

The Future of Ubersuggest

This may be of some interest.

* Please read the whole post, I have some good news at the bottom, but it won’t make sense unless you read the whole post.

Do you know why I got into SEO?

Not many people know this, but I grew up in middle-class America, and I wanted a better life for me and my parents.

When I was 16 years old, I worked at a theme park called Knotts Berry Farm where I picked up trash, cleaned restrooms, and swept up vomit every single day.

I didn’t mind it because that’s life and I needed the money.

At 16, I realized I was too young to get a high paying job, so I did the next best thing… I started a business.

But making $5.75 an hour picking up trash wasn’t enough to market my business, though. The only solution that I could think of was SEO because if you put in the time and effort you can get the traffic for free.

It’s also the main reason I fell in love with it… it
gives the little guy a chance to compete with the big guys

And over the years I wanted to pay it forward and help out all of the entrepreneurs and small companies so they can do the same… succeed without having to spend a lot of money.

So, what did I do?

Well over the years, I’ve produced a ton of free content, videos, and guides that help entrepreneurs and marketers of all sizes succeed.

And in February 2017, I decided to take it to the next level by acquiring Ubersuggest for $120,000.

When I first bought it, I had the dream of creating an SEO tool that could compete with the big players that charged $100+ a month, but of course, offer it for free.

The developers that I had at that time estimated that I could do this for $30,000 to $45,000 a month. That was perfect as I had no issue losing that much money each month.

But as we got rolling and kept adding in more features, our
expenses continually climbed. Just look at what I spent in the last month…

I spent $89,930 on hosting so far in January with an estimated spend of $128,680 for February. But again, let’s stick with January…

My back-end development bill from Tryolabs was $47,885 for January.

My data feed from SEO Power Suite, Data For SEO, and Shared Count totaled $75,253 for January.

And of course, my front-end developers as well as my dev-ops team Netlabs, which ran me $22,700.

Then if you add on miscellaneous costs, such as support, design, and project management, I was out another $11,450.

All in all, I spent $247,218 during the month of January 2020.

Keep in mind that my costs are continually rising. As the tool gets more popular, it costs me more.

One of the big reasons for the server expenses is scrapers.

Believe it or not, a lot of companies are scraping our data and continually rotating up IPs and creating fake accounts, which increases our server expenses. Especially when you consider that they are researching vague SEO terms or domains that aren’t cached in our system.

Don’t feel bad for me

Now the purpose of this post wasn’t to make you feel bad or guilty (unless you are scraping me). I just wanted to be transparent about my situation.

Originally, I was hoping that I could convert a portion of the Ubersuggest customer base into agency clients but as we continually move upstream and work with bigger brands, the conversion rate from an Ubersuggest visitor to a paying consulting customer has been low.

As that didn’t work out the way I wanted, which I learned around 11 months ago, it became harder and harder for me to eat the costs as they continually grew and I didn’t have a way to pay for them other than to dip into my own savings.

So, I started searching for solutions, such as turning
Ubersuggest into a non-profit and raise money from foundations to help support
the cost. I tried that for 5 months and I didn’t gain much traction.

I also tried to see if I could get sponsors for the tool who would help cover the costs, but that didn’t work out well either. Instead, many of them offered to buy the company for millions of dollars (some in the 8 figures) but I didn’t want to sell it as I knew their goal would be to turn it into another $100-a-month tool, which didn’t sit well with me.

After running out of options, I had no choice but to make some changes to Ubersuggest (don’t worry it is not closing down). But you can guess what the changes are.

But don’t worry

First and foremost, my goal is still to give as much away for free as I can. Within Ubersuggest, you will still be able to do a lot for free…

Creating projects

You will always be able to create projects and track your rankings. And just like before you always have been limited on the number of keywords you can track and that, of course, is due to costs.

Keyword research

Within the app, you will still be able to see keyword research data.

You’ll see a chart with the latest few months’ traffic volume, data on mobile versus desktop search volume, demographic data, and even keyword recommendations.

And you can, of course, continually find new keywords to target.

Sure, some of the data is blocked, but did you know that
only 14.3% of people used to register for a free account to unlock that data.

In other words, most of you never even registered because the application shows you enough for free without needing to log in.

Content ideas

Similar to before, you can also see popular blog post suggestions for any given keyword.

You’ll also be able to see the top keywords a blog post
ranks for and the backlinks pointing to that URL.

Again, keep in mind the majority of you only looked at the
top 10 results as 14.3% of you registered for a free account to unlock more

Traffic Analyzer

You will still be able to look up any domain and get stats
on it.

Historical data is blocked, but you can see the last few
months which is enough for most of you.

You’ll also be able to see the top pages for any domain and the keywords that page ranks for as well as backlinks.

The same goes for the keywords any domain ranks for.

Some of the data is blocked, but just like before only 14.3%
of you registered to view that data. Which means 85.7% of you are happy with
the free data.

SEO Analyzer

Not much has changed here, you can still analyze over 100 pages on your site and figure out which errors you have.

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know the average site that goes through Ubersuggest only has 48 pages?

The median number of pages a site has in our system was similar at 43 pages.

And of course, there is the backlinks report, which now
shows new and lost links as well as historical link growth.

Similar to what I mentioned above, very few people really cared to see the blocked off information as only 14.3% of you registered.

My dream

My goal in life is to help people generate more traffic. And I believe Ubersuggest can get better results and give you a fighting chance.

I also want to continually make the tool better. For example, why can’t SEO be automated? If you can have self-driving cars, there is no reason why you can’t automate SEO through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

But with the rising expenses, I was left with 2 options… either shut the tool down (which isn’t an option for me) or figure out a way to cover my expenses.

In the long run, I can’t keep sustaining the loss of $247,218 a month forever, especially when that number is climbing (that’s roughly 3 million dollars a year).

My team and I came up with an interesting concept that we think is fair and hopefully, you won’t be upset about it.

Remember how I said only 14.3% of people register to view more data but 85.7% never register as they were happy with the free data?

Well, nothing will change for 85.7% of you.

As for the 14.3% who register to create projects and track keywords, you can still do that for free. But if you want to add more projects or track a lot more keywords, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

The same goes for keyword research. If you want to view even more data, you can pay for the blocked data. Or if you want to analyze thousands of pages on your site through the site audit, you can also upgrade.

Don’t worry though, I am still following my original

I promise to always keep Ubersuggest affordable (and mainly free). I decided to take the Netflix/Amazon approach and try to make the cost super affordable (as my goal is to only break-even).

On top of that, I made it a 7-day free trial.

You’ll also find that the pricing varies per country as my costs vary per country. In regions like India and Brazil when someone registers, creates a project and tracks keywords, my expenses are substantially lower than if someone from the United States registers and creates projects and tracks keywords.

The same goes for labor. My support team in India and other regions costs substantially less than the team in the United States or the United Kingdom.

If you also pay annually, you’ll get 2 months free so you can save even more money.

And as I mentioned above, I want to stick to the original mission, which is to help people generate more traffic without having to spend a lot of money.

There will always be a very generous free plan and I am hoping that I can break even by charging for a portion of the application.

What’s next?

Ubersuggest is going to continually get better.

To make things up to you, over the next month or two I am going to release a Chrome extension that will give you tons of insights for free. And of course, if you want a little bit more you can pay.

Here’s what the free extension will look like…

Whenever you perform a Google search you will be able to see
the volume for any search term in any major country. And if you click the “view
all” link you will see more data on that keyword.

You’ll also see the average domain score for any given
ranking page and the number of links you need to rank in the top 10.

As you scroll down and go through each of the ranking
results, you’ll see the domain score for each URL, social shares, and the
backlinks pointing to that search result.

You can even drill down and see the top links pointing to
each URL.

Now if you head over to the sidebar, you’ll see a list of
related keywords as well as data on the top 10 keyword recommendations.

If you scroll a bit more, you’ll see a graph that shows how many backlinks each result has so that way you can see how many backlinks again you roughly need to rank in the top 10.

At the very bottom of the search results, you’ll see data on related keywords.

As time goes on not only will you have the extension, but I
will continually add more and more features for free.


I’m sorry that I have to start covering my costs, but I hope
you understand at the same time.

From my projections, it will take me roughly 6 months to break even, so I am going to be out a decent amount of money over the next 6 months… but that’s life.

I am not looking to recuperate my original investment and I don’t mind that being a loss, but once I break even on a monthly basis I will continue to either open up more stuff for free or consider lowering the monthly pricing if possible.

Again, I am really sorry, but I hope you understand that it isn’t sustainable for me to spend $247,218 a month indefinitely.

I am open to hearing your thoughts or ideas. I also want to let you know I appreciate everything you have done to support Ubersuggest and my site.

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How to maximize the life of your electric car's battery, according to science

This may be of some interest.

How to maximize the life of your electric car's battery, according to science

Lithium-ion batteries are the Goldilocks of the electronics world. For the li-ion in your electric car, conditions can either be too hot or too cold, but li-ions prefer it juuust right.

A new report from the University of Michigan lays out the best ways to keep your EV’s li-ion battery happy and healthy for the longest amount of time possible. With help from the Responsible Battery Coalition, researchers compiled these recommendations by analyzing academic reports as well as vehicle instruction manuals. They came out with nine actionable guidelines, which Electrek helpfully summarizes here.

The report is a useful tool for EV owners, but it has a higher mission, too. Maximizing the life of a car’s battery helps limit the environmental impact of these vehicles, since it means fewer cars getting retired and sent through a yet-to-materialize recycling process. On the other end of the production cycle, it could hopefully reduce the need for more resource-intensive li-ions being created in the first place. Read more…

More about Electric Vehicles, Lithium Ion Battery, Tech, and Transportation

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45 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English

This may be of some interest.

Ever seen the movie The Social Network about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook?

In the movie, people kept saying “he’s wired in” or “they’re wired in” over and over again in reference to people coding intensely with their headphones on.

Not knowing anything about programming, I always imagined that being “wired in” meant the programmers were somehow listening to the computers, or that they were connected to the code somehow … or something weird that us non-programmers would never understand.

Turns out it just meant they were concentrating really hard with headphones on. Well, good thing I never hypothesized out loud.

We all misinterpret some of the techy terms floating around web and product design nowadays — but now more than ever, marketers need to be familiar with this vocabulary so we can communicate better with our IT, web design, or product development departments.

To help bridge the gap, here are 45 techy terms every marketer (and human) should understand.

(For a few of these, we drew on these 60 marketing acronyms every industry pro should know.)

301 Redirect

A permanent redirect from one URL to another — usually from a company’s old website to their new website. They’re also used to redirect web traffic from those old web pages to the new ones that have replaced them.


Web visitors see 404 error pages when they try to reach a web page that doesn’t exist. This usually happens when the web page has been deleted or the visitor mistyped the URL. Check out HubSpot’s 404 page here.

Alt Text

“Alternative text,” or “alt text.” The text associated with an image. It’s usually the file name of that image, but alt text can be customized using most content management systems (like HubSpot’s). When an image isn’t able to load in an email, website, or blog post, the alt text is displayed instead. 

It’s important for all the images on your website to have alt text because it’s the only way search engines like Google can understand what an image is about, which helps you optimize your website for search. It also makes images accessible to the blind because screen readers can read aloud the alt text.


“Application programming interface.” A computer programming term meaning a series of rules. APIs allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information in their own application, or sometimes for data analysis. It’s kind of like a phone for applications to have conversations — an API literally “calls” one application and gets information to bring to you to use in your software. APIs facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems.

HubSpot has APIs that developers use to get information from our software into theirs. It’s important for marketers to understand what APIs can do to factor them in to their marketing strategies. Learn more about how marketers can use APIs here.


Amazon Web Services is a service that helps web developers and ecommerce owners in developing certain shopping-related features of their websites. 

Browser Cache

The appliance or instrument through which a browser saves the data needed to see a website, like images and HTML. When you revisit a web page, it’ll take less time to load than the first time you visited it because a cached version of the page was already saved the first time you were there. Because you have a cached version of the page, your browser doesn’t need to send a new request to see that page. Learn more about browser caches here.

“Cached out” can also be slang for really, really tired.


In simple terms, blockchain is a ledger system that uses an open, distributed record to keep track of transactions — transactions could mean cryptocurrencies, medical information, voting or home records, and more.

Cart Abandonment

When people add products to online shopping carts but don’t check out and actually purchase those products. According to Fireclick, 62.30% is the average online cart abandonment rate. It’s a common problem for many ecommerce stores. Learn 8 reasons for cart abandonment and how to combat it here.


“Content delivery network” or “content distribution network.” A system of servers on the internet that provides content rapidly to multiple users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. CDNs enable better performance and availability — plus, they offload traffic served directly from the content provider’s website. They’re especially good for streaming audio, video, and internet television programming.

To give you a better idea of how the system works, CDN operators get paid by content providers (like media companies and ecommerce vendors) to deliver their content to end users. In turn, CDNs pay ISPs (internet service providers), carriers, and network operators for hosting its servers in their data centers.

Cookies/Tracking Cookies

A small file that a web server automatically sends to your personal computer when you browse certain websites. The identifying information they contain includes login credentials (including usernames and passwords), shopping cart information, and preferences. They’re stored as text files on your hard drive so servers can access them when you return to websites you’ve visited before.

Ever made a return visit to a website like Amazon and seen content tailored to your user preferences? That’s because on your first visit, a cookie was installed. When you came back, the website server read your cookie and recognized you.

Learn more about how marketers can use cookies here.


A CMS, or content management system, is a platform that allows less-techy people to build websites and content from professionally designed templates. More tech-savvy users can often further customize these templates or website themes with HTML edits or plug-ins, which you’ll learn more about on this list. Notable examples of CMSs include WordPress and WIx.


“Cascading style sheets.” A language that manages the design and presentation of web pages: color, look, feel, and so on. It works together with HTML (see HTML), which handles the content of web pages. “HTML is the skeleton of your web pages, while CSS is the clothing,” as one of our colleagues says.

With CSS, you can create rules to tell your website how you want it to display information. And you can keep the commands for the style stuff — fonts, colors, and so on — separate from the commands for the content. They’re called “cascading” because you can have multiple style sheets, with one style sheet inheriting properties (or “cascading”) from others. Learn more here.

Disaster Recovery Plan

A plan that helps an organization prepare in the event that its website goes down or something happens to the webmaster. These disasters could be hard drive failure, hackers, and so on.

Disaster recovery plans include recording important website information, performing and saving regular backups of your website, determining an implementation plan for recovering your website should anything happen, and keeping an extra copy of your website data in a safe place.


“Domain name server.” Servers that translates web addresses into one or more IP addresses. This is why you can enter instead of having to remember our IP address.

DoS/DDoS Attack

“Denial-of-service” or “distributed denial-of-service” attack. An attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. DoS threats usually target websites or services hosted on high-profile web servers like banks and credit card payment gateways, but they’re also common in business in the form of website attacks.

For example, one common type of attack on businesses would be attempting a service overload — i.e. flooding a network with so much information that it either can’t respond to legitimate traffic, or responds so slowly that it’s basically useless.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to avoid being a victim of a DoS attack except securing passwords and installing anti-virus software and a firewall. Signs of an attack are unusually slow network performance, unavailability of a website, or the inability to access a website. Contact your IT team if you sense something’s off.

Hosting Servers

The web servers where website files are housed, served, and maintained.


“Hyper-text markup language.” The language used to direct the architecture of your website, landing pages, and emails. HTML lays out the structure of your website, from the title and first header, to a bulleted list, to your footer. Remember, “HTML is the skeleton of your web pages, while CSS is the clothing.” Learn more here.


GUI stands for “graphical user interface,” known also as simply “interface.” An interface is the part of a piece of software that the end user actually sees and interacts with.


IPaaS, which stands for Integrated Platform as a Service, is a cloud-based platform that connects various applications, systems, and technologies within the cloud or on-premise. It allows for the deployment and maintenance of integration flows without the need for hardware or middleware either within an organization or between an organization and third-party software.

IP Address

“Internet Protocol address.” A numerical label assigned to each device participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.


“Internet service provider.” An organization (commercial, community-owned, nonprofit, or otherwise privately owned) that provides internet services.


A computer programming language used to create interactive effects within web browsers. For example, it allows you to perform calculations, write interactive games, add special effects, check forms, create security passwords, customize graphics, and so on. It has become the standard equipment in virtually all web browsers and is well-suited to a large range of non-web-related applications. 


Mimification involves going into a web page or piece of content and pulling out all of the useless or excess code or spaces. This can help to increase page load speeds which can also boost your Google SEO. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence technique where algorithms are trained to recognize patterns and respond to them by performing tasks. For example, a customer service bot for a travel site might be trained to send you deals related to Bermuda if it recognizes the words, “beach vacation” or “Bermuda.”


NLP, or natural language processing, is when machine-learning algorithms are trained to comprehend large amounts of human language and respond to those commands. You might hear about this machine learning technique most when you are reading about voice assistant products that can respond to multiple spoken commands at once, like Amazon’s Echo. 

Parallax Design

You’ve probably seen those super-cool scrolling website designs like this one from Wildlifethis one from Bagigia, or this one from Honda? That’s parallax — a web design that takes a visual storytelling approach to guiding visitors through a website, and brings user experience to a new, interactive level.


Pixels from external ad networks work similarly to the HubSpot tracking code. Once installed on your site, the pixel detects visits to your pages. This data is the basis for creating ad audiences. These ad audiences to target ads can be used to target your ads at specific visitors. Pixels also collect data that can help optimize ads and measure your ads’ results.


A software extension that adds a specific feature to an existing software application. You’ve probably heard of plugins in the context of web browsers to add new features like virus scanners, for example. Ever enabled Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight QuickTime Player on your internet browser? Yup — those are plugins.


A company that registers domain names, like GoDaddy.

Responsive Design

The method of designing web pages that automatically appear in their optimized form on all devices. In other words, responsive design automatically reformats your website for all screen sizes so your website visitors can easily interact with your site no matter what device they’re using. Due to the rapid increase in mobile usage in recent years, responsive design has become somewhat of a necessity.

Here’s how responsive design gets you more from your website

RSS Feed

“Rich site summary feed.” A web feed that publishes frequently updated information like blog posts and news stories. They let publishers syndicate data automatically, which is why they’re sometimes known as “really simple syndication.” When you subscribe to a website’s RSS, you no longer need to check their website for new content — instead, your browser will automatically monitor the site and give you timely updates.


SaaS stands for “Service as a Software.” This acronym categorizes platforms that help professionals and B2B employees with daily tasks or other aspects of their own job. Examples of SaaS platforms are HubSpot, Slack, and DocuSign. 


A place to run a program for testing and experimenting in software development. Basically, it’s a testing environment that isolates untested code changes and experimentation. This isolation protects live servers and their data from changes that could be damaging.


A framework for managing product development used in agile software development. In Scrum, projects are divided into succinct work cadences known as “sprints,” which are usually one, two, or three weeks long. At the end of each sprint, the team meets to assess their progress and plan the next sprint. One key to Scrum’s popularity and success is that it has a simple set of roles, responsibilities, and meetings that never change. Learn more about Scrum here.


In computer science, a session is a dialogue, conversation, or meeting between two or more communicating devices, or between a computer and a user (like a login session). It typically involves saving information about the session history in order to be able to communicate. 


SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that optimizes your site and content so it can easily be found and promoted on online search engines.


Slang for anything that could stop the launch of a new product, like a bug.

Site Map

Site maps show a hierarchical view of a website’s pages and content. It helps website designers figure out what content is needed on a website before they begin designing it. Site maps can also be web pages that offer links to all of the pages on a website.


“User interface.” A type of interface that allows users to control a software application or hardware device. A good user interface provides a user-friendly experience by allowing the user to interact with the software or hardware in an intuitive way. It includes a menu bar, toolbar, windows, buttons, and so on. Learn how to create a user-friendly website registration process here.


A UTM is a code that shows up in a tracking URL that allows a website, such as HubSpot to track views from a specific source, such as a social post or promotional email. Learn how to create and track UTMs and tracking URLs here.


“Uniform resource locator.” Also known as a web address, a URL is a specific character string that refers to a resource. It’s displayed on the top of a web browser inside an “address” bar. Learn how to optimize your URLs for search here.


The overall “user experience” a customer has with a particular business, from their discovery and awareness of the brand all the way through their interaction, purchase, use, and even advocacy of that brand. To deliver an excellent customer experience, you have to think like a customer, or better, think about being the customer. Learn more here.

Vector Graphics

A computer graphics term to describe the use of “geometrical primitive objects” like points, lines, curves, and shapes to represent images. Here’s an example of a real phone that has been “vectorized.”

real-phone                  vectorized-phone

Waterfall Development

A sequential design process often used in software development processes, where progress is seen as “flowing” steadily downward through the phases of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production/implementation, and maintenance.

The point of waterfall development is to spend more time in the early stages of the software production cycle because catching bugs and other issues early on is cheaper and easier to fix than catching them later.

Web Accessibility

The ability for your website to be accessed by people with different physical and mental abilities, age, location, and so on. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes access to the web as a basic human right.

Properly designed websites and web tools can be used by people with disabilities. Here are a few examples from W3C of things to include on your website to make them accessible to people with disabilities:

  • Alt text for images — Alt text makes images accessible to blind people because their screen readers, which read aloud the information on a page, also read out the alt text for visual images. It also makes the image information available to people who turned off images on their mobile phones to lower bandwidth charges or people in rural areas who turn off images to speed download. (Alt text is also important for SEO purposes because it lets Google know what the subject matter of the image is.)
  • Transcripts for videos and podcasts — Include transcripts to give access to people with hearing disabilities.

Wired In

Working with headphones on, indicating you don’t want to be disturbed. When programmers write code, sometimes they’ll plug in earphones to isolate themselves from the outside world so they can be totally focused on coding.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in July 2014, but was updated in November 2019 for comprehensiveness. 


Thank you for reading.

Gaming Jobs Online Review

Do you love playing online games? Do you find yourself spending most of your free time playing? Do you refer to yourself as a gamer? Someone who is considered a hobbyist or individual that enjoys playing various digital or online games. Generally, a gamer refers to any kind of gaming enthusiast, but when used in IT, the term refers to those that utilize a full range of electronic or digital games.

The advancement of technology in the Internet Age has paved way for various online games to be developed and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Online games are constantly evolving and becoming as the most engaging form of entertainment nowadays. And while others have seen it as damaging especially to kids who have been constantly playing online games rather than doing what is conventionally known as productive and helpful like reading or studying, recent research has proved that gaming is more than just an addictive source of entertainment but a great contributor in the development of cognitive skills in both children and adults.

Just as physical exercise helps keep your muscles strong, cognitive games improve your brain’s performance. Some common benefits of online gaming include enhancing your memory, improving coordination, problem-solving skills and brain’s speed and it’s a great source of learning. There are also some surprising benefits of playing video games like slowing down the aging process, in a study just 10 hours of playing brain games involving memory and puzzle components have a positive benefit to older players, which led to an increase in cognitive functioning for participants 50 and older. It can even curb cravings, a university study revealed that participants after playing a puzzle game has shown a 24% reduction in desire for their vices.

With the many benefits that come with online gaming, no wonder there are 2.5 billion video gamers from all over the world and the video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

Now, what if you can get paid just by testing and reviewing games? Sounds a lot of fun, right? That is what Gaming Jobs Online is offering.

What is Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is a website that offers you a unique job system of testing and reviewing games and getting paid for it! they have partnered with major corporations who would value what you have to say about their games.

With the rapid growth of the gaming industry, game developers need people who will test their games to make sure there are no glitches or problems with the games to avoid recalls and refunds which in turn saves them millions of dollars.

How Does Gaming Jobs Online Work?

You have to be a member of their website to start getting paid, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Create Account

2. Choose Job

3. Play and Get Paid

After you become a member, you will have access to a gaming jobs database where you can choose a game to test. Also, you will be given a list of services that will pay you to take surveys.

There are 150 plus countries that offer video game testing. And you will be rewarded for your opinion. The more games you play and review, the greater are your rewards.


1. The website is easy to navigate.

2. The job is fun and exciting.

3. You can play new and unreleased games.

4. This job gives you freedom, no strict deadlines and no bosses.

5. Your instant access to the member’s area is protected by a Money Back Guarantee. So, if you think Gaming Jobs Online is not paying you for your reviews and surveys, you can have a refund of your investment within 60 days.


1. Unbelievable money claims. While it is true that game testers and survey takers earn money, it is not as much as the website is claiming.

2. You will need your own computer, laptop or smart phone to accomplish the task and a good internet connection.


Gaming is fun, and that sounds true for children and adults alike. Truthfully, playing video games has been part of the household for so long already and has been a source of great entertainment.

Aside from its many benefits, Gaming Jobs Online offers a unique way to earn from doing what you love as a gamer, where you can actually enjoy what you do, at the same time you are helping big gaming developers and corporations to improve their products before releasing them to the public.

Earning money has never been this fun and exciting! You will probably love every minute of your job if you are a video game tester which you can become through Gaming Jobs Online. There are no risks involved here since you are protected with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee so that after becoming a member of the website and you feel not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund within 60 days.

There is no harm in trying, especially when you are trying to test for games. Don’t wait long, get paid to play video games now!

People still don't know what Facebook Watch is. Facebook doesn't seem sure either.

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People still don't know what Facebook Watch is. Facebook doesn't seem sure either.

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