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Welcome Back

Welcome back.

I came across a bunch of videos that I will be placing on here that will teach you how to do things, make you thing, and hopefully provide some useful information. Enjoy them for free for the time being as I am planning to make these a subscription deal.

More new things are coming. I am not as fast as I used to be and do have other websites so it takes time – like in days – to update even one site in a lot of cases.

The forum is still here at so if you have signed up you did not waste your time.

New additions coming.

I am getting ready to add some new features.

I have been able to pick up videos and audios from some of the marketing industry leaders and will be giving members of the website access to them for free for now. Some of these I will not be able to tell you who they actually are but others are going to let me use their names and they will have a special page just for them.

First on the list is Sean Mize. I am sure a lot of you have heard of him before but did you know he has faith based lectures also for members of his coaching groups? I listened to parts of one just yesterday and I think you will enjoy them if you decide to ever get any of his products.

I will set up his page and start adding the audios and other things that I have and get you familiar with him.

More coming.

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